PB Tech's Order to Desk service takes advantage of our ‘best in class’ procurement services

With ‘order to desk’, new client devices for your organization are only a mouse click away. Go on to our website, order the pre-defined SKU we maintain for your organization, and PB Tech will pick the device (or devices) you have ordered, image it with your own image that our installation team maintains and the ‘ready to use’ device will be delivered directly to your required location within 3 business days. Multiple new users, sudden new hires or just a requirement for quick turnaround when ordering devices, ‘Order to Desk’ will ensure your new users are up and running as and when required.

Features include:
  • PB Tech will pick, image and deliver your new device within 3 business days of ordering
  • In conjunction with PB Tech, master images created then ‘sprayed’ on to ordered devices on ordering
  • All assets entered into PB’s customer web portal, enabling straight forward support and asset management
  • Removes labour intensive deployment burden from internal IT staff and brings certainty to device dropping for new starters.

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