The PB Tech Central Delivery Team (CDT) is the ‘nerve centre’ of PB Tech IT Services organization.

It fields all incoming communications for new tickets, follow-ups on existing tickets and for any general information. The CDT is structured with a traditional 3 tier service desk model, however, we are always looking for innovative ways to deliver consistently improving services and to achieve our goal of being extremely easy to interact with. The PB Tech CDT can act as your Single Point of Contact for all communications and complement your internal team, or it can act as a full technical service desk, managing all end user communications, incident resolution, service request fulfilment and event management.

PB Tech can offer:
  • 3 Tier, ITIL aligned Service Desk
  • Metric driven – numbers set the agenda, every data point is vital
  • Multiple channels of communication – phone, email, portal, chat, SMS
  • Flexible, designed to complement your internal IT (we realize that every internal team is different)
  • Transparent processes – we share the way we deliver
  • Empathetic approach to delivery and end-user communications

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Sky NZ Director of Technology

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Mobile Mentor Systems Administrator

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Comcare Business Manager

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New Zealand Telehealth Services IT Manager

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NZ Govt Department Unified Services Manager