Realise the freedom from well-chosen hybrid cloud infrastructure, deployed and supported by PB Tech’s tech experts.

A hybrid cloud infrastructure provides flexibility and modern day feature sets wanted by businesses. These features provide choice as to workload location to achieve the best user experience whilst controlling costs.

PB Tech has made choosing and deploying a modern hybrid infrastructure solution simple by reducing the knowledge gap. This enables business to simply select solution specifics required by their business. PB Tech will then deploy and maintain or manage the solution depending on your business requirements.

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Why PB?

PB’s technical experts have in depth knowledge across the major hardware vendors. Coupled with our unique understanding of different business sectors ensures PB Tech is the go to place to source and support modern infrastructure solutions.

PB Tech’s latest solution offerings are designed to make choosing and supporting modern infrastructure solutions simple. PB Tech’s solutions provide your business the following services:

  • Modern solutions tailored to your business
  • Streamlined installation and deployment
  • Highest hardware performance for your business applications
  • Managed infrastructure support of your chosen solution
  • Timely response in identifying and fixing hardware faults

The right solution for your organisation, every time

Every organisation has different goals and achieves them in different ways. At PB Tech, we strive to provide bespoke solutions that meet your objectives simply, effectively, and within budget.


Our solution experts will consult with your business to understand existing infrastructure, business critical applications and desired IT direction. This information will be used to shape a modern infrastructure solution to enable the desired IT direction as well as the road map for your business to take.

Choosing the right and performant infrastructure solution will provide more to your business than what has likely been imagined. PB wants to make sure that your business can perform at an unrealised level and our solution experts will provide this service.


PB’s solution and technical experts want to ensure that your business gets the most out of your chosen solution. To ensure this is reality, PB Tech offers services to install your unique solution into a location of choice. That can be either an on premise or colocation data centre.

Solution optimisation in line with your chosen modern infrastructure solution is a key component encompassed within PB Tech solutions. PB achieves this through solution automation alongside the expertise and care taken by PB’s provisioning and installation teams.


PB is aware that the most important assurance required by business is on-going solution support. PB provides this certainty through multiple mechanisms as well as the ability to talk to our skilled technicians during your time of need. We stand by our solutions and we want to ensure that PB customers feel this as well.

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