Universal Docking Station Comparison — Which is best for you?

March 27th, 2020

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The great thing about having such small and thin laptops these days is having your work station with you wherever you go. When you’re ready to head back to the office, you can quickly and easily convert your laptop into a full office workstation with the help of a docking station.

There are a bunch of docking stations on the market. Some are made specifically for certain brands or devices, while others are universal, meaning they work across a range of devices. This doesn’t mean they’re all made equal though. You want to have the best docking station possible to match your laptop, so to help you out, we’re going to take a look at three universal docking stations that we sell at PB Tech, and hopefully help shed some light on which is best for you. Watch our video comparison below to see how the Targus Dock190, Dell D6000, and HP USB-C Universal Dock stack up against each other.

All three of docks worked universally on all of the laptops we tested them on and did the job. However, the HP USB-C Universal Dock is actually promoted as a universal dock that supports multi-generation HP notebooks and tablets. So while it happened to do the job on the variety of laptops we tested, you could say that it has possibly been designed with HP devices at the heart of it. If you're an HP user, that's great! If you're not, you should check to make sure it's completely compatible with your device before purchasing, or consider some other options.

The Dell D6000 and Targus Dock190 are both promoted as universal docks across a wide range of PC brands, and they both delivered on our tests. There were a couple of differences that set one of the docks apart. The Dock190 was the only docking station that came with software — Targus’ AV Config Utility. This particular software makes this dock especially great for a BYOD environment, shared spaces, or hot desks. Assuming different users will have different monitor layouts and settings, the software automatically remembers the specific settings for each individual device that is connected. That means that the next time you (or your co-worker) plugs in, you’re all ready to go, saving the time and hassle of having to re-configure your set up.

Another thing we found when analysing the power delivery of these docking stations, was that the Dock190 was able to offer up more power than the other two docking stations. If you’re a heavy user who requires a lot of power redundancy, the Dock190 is the one you want.

Where the Dock190 loses points to the other two however, is the price. The Targus Dock190 is a premium docking station, so you’ll be paying a premium price for it. If you’re just after a simple docking station or you’re on a budget, the Dell D6000 and the HP USB-C Universal have proved that they’re capable of doing the job, so they might be enough for you. If you have a bigger budget and you’re looking for the best, and/or will be using it in a hot desking environment, then the Targus Dock190 is going to be your optimal choice.

If you need some more advice on what dock is best for you, or simply have an enquiry, get in touch with our team of business experts. Shop for the docking stations compared in our review below, or check out entire range of docking stations here

Experience a seamless connectivity with a Targus Universal Docking Station whilst working from home. Power your employee’s productivity with the world’s most universal docking station with the ability to plug and play and power your laptop, all at the same time. The Targus USB-C Universal Dual Video 4K Docking Station with 100W Power offers the widest connectivity compatibility for both USB-C and USB-A devices, across brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and more with operating systems including Thunderbolt™ 3 devices. With fast-power charging built-in for all USB-C devices up to 100W, plus 90W universal power charging for legacy USB-A laptops, this dock makes it easy to connect devices to complete the ultimate workstation at home - including dual monitors, mouse, keyboard, printer and other peripherals you may need by simply docking the laptop.

Conveniently attach any laptop equipped with USB-C or USB 3.0i with the Dell Universal Dock – D6000. Enjoy universal compatibility with a wide range of PC brands and operating systems supported by DisplayLink technology. Whether you're at your desk or in a shared workspace, you can easily connect to displays, a mouse, keyboard and audio devices from your compatible system of choice.

You'll be able to connect with 3 displays simultaneously. Enjoy Ultra HD 5K on a single screen or up to three 4K displays via USB-C *† thanks to DisplayLink technology.

With plug and play, connecting to the dock is fast and convenient. Plug in a single USB-C cable and transfer audio, video, data and power. Plus, the single cable eliminates the need for an additional power adaptor – keeping your workspace clean and clutter free.

Transform your HP notebook or tablet into a complete desktop experience with the HP USB-C Universal Dock, which delivers USB-C™ charging and connections for your network, dual 4K displays, and accessories with one cable connection. This dock has universal compatibility so you can use one dock for all of your devices with support for multi-generation HP notebooks and tablets. Connect to your accessories with one USB 3.0 charging port, three USB 2.0 ports, and one USB-C™ charging/data port. Drive Dual 4K displays or one 5K display from two DisplayPort™ ports.

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