Case study: Vitaco breathes new life into device fleet with PB Tech DaaS

June 10th, 2020

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Vitaco Health Ltd began as a company in 2007 as a merger of two Australasian health and wellness companies, Nutra-Life Health and Fitness and Healtheries.

Since then, Vitaco has built a reputation for world-class manufacturing of vitamins and dietary supplements based on 45 years of industry experience.

Today, the company has close to 400 employees and exports and distributes products to 30 different countries worldwide.


  • Improved cash flow for management and finance teams
  • New hardware for end-users to replace ageing assets
  • Access to a large range of commercial devices
  • Ease of scaling up the number of devices via DaaS programme

“They needed a partner that was able to do asset imaging, stock holding, and delivery across the A/NZ region with consistency of cost and service.”



When group IS manager Klaus Lackermeier entered his new role, he was challenged with replacing many of the ageing laptops and desktop PCs at Vitaco.

Some of the PCs were approaching 10 years old and the company had laptops from 2013.

Most of Vitaco’s employees were using Microsoft applications on their desktops and laptops, but different business departments were also using a few server applications and browser-based business systems.

PB Tech Head of Commercial Rodney Featherstone saw that as a growing business across Australia and New Zealand, Vitaco needed to standardise itstechnology and would benefit from keeping its supply and devices current and consistent.

Vitaco had varying technology needs across all levels of the business, including using HP devices for their office and sales team and Apple Macs for the design team.

It needed a partner that could do asset imaging, stock holding, and delivery across the Australia and New Zealand regions with consistency of cost and service.

“They were seeking the ability to reduce the cost of end-user devices, whilst not forcing the business to use aged equipment," Featherstone said.;

“DaaS gave Vitaco’s IT team a more secure and efficient way of managing its asset lifecycle; and it’s finance teams a way to manage its cash flow better without sacrificing productivity and employee satisfaction.”



PB Tech’s Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering was perfectly designed to meet their needs due to its configurable and scalable nature.

“Vitaco was only seeking Tier 1 DaaS as they have their own team to manage the devices and did not require PB’s helpdesk, monitoring and device reporting tools,” Featherstone said.

“Vitaco runs a lean IT team and as such gained no staffing cost reduction through shifting to Tier 2 or 3 of DaaS”.

Lackermeier and his team acquired a fleet of desktop PCs and laptops through PB Tech’s DaaS programme, leveraging the credit Vitaco received with PB Tech when trading in its old device fleet.

The DaaS service allowed them to acquire new hardware on a monthly subscription basis instead of paying the full cost of the devices upfront while making it seamless for them to scale up the number of devices in their DaaS agreement as their business required.

Beyond the devices, DaaS provided end-to-end asset lifecycle management for Vitaco’s IT team with services such as asset tagging, imaging, and direct delivery to the user; device management, warranty and support during the lifetime of the device; and device cleansing, secure data erasure, and enrolment into PB Tech’s environmental sustainability programme.



Lackermeier believes that in the long term, the business’ end-users will be more efficient using reliable and modern devices, and the ongoing cost of management to the business will be greatly reduced.

From a management perspective, utilising PB Tech’s DaaS gave Vitaco’s IT team a more secure and efficient way of managing its asset lifecycle; and it’s finance teams a way to manage its cash flow better without sacrificing the productivity and employee satisfaction that comes from having a state-of-the-art asset fleet.

“Through the DaaS programme, we got a large number of new hardware devices this year, while only having to pay for a fraction of the cost,” he said.

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