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April 13th, 2021

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The nature of work has changed more in the last year than it has in the previous five, with trends such as remote working, flexible hours, and remote collaboration coming to the forefront.

Modern workers have had to contend with the sudden shift to working completely remotely after years of the office 9-5 culture.

As borders begin to reopen and people can safely gather in large numbers again, a subset of workers will find that their job will require them to be more mobile than ever.

Who is the mobile trailblazer?

Mobile trailblazers are professionals who are always on the move, travelling seamlessly from corporate facilities to customer facilities and more, demanding ubiquitous networking, battery life, security, and portability.

These are users who will need to take content and devices off of the corporate campus frequently.

They spend 40 to 60% of their time away from their desk and are typically senior leaders, entrepreneurs.

Because of this, they may not need or have a physical location on a major site.

They may more likely be travelling or working from home. This can become a challenge for IT departments who need to track, support, and secure their devices.

The mobile trailblazers of today need devices that can work when and where they work, have in-built security features, and the connectivity to keep them productive around the home or office – and the HP ProBook 635 Aero is engineered with these requirements in mind.

Work and collaborate from anywhere

The primary need of the mobile trailblazer is the freedom to work anywhere.

They are highly mobile, not just within the office but frequently travelling outside of the company campus. They can be found on aeroplanes, trains, at customer sites, at supplier sites, in hotels, etc. Because of the amount of time they spend on the road, they need devices that are small and light for all-day carrying. Coming in at under 1kg*, that makes the HP ProBook 635 Aero the ultimately device for portability. 

The HP ProBook 635 Aero has ultra-thin bezels with a 9.5mm top bezel and 4.28mm side bezels, giving them an 86.2% screen-to-body ratio and maximising their display whether they're watching webinar courses or working with large spreadsheets.

It’s also is designed for durability – critical for a device that will be moved around and go through more wear and tear than the typical enterprise PC, which organisations tend to hold onto for three to five years.

The HP ProBook 635 Aero undergoes 19 different military-standard tests and a total of 120,000 hours of HP test processes as part of the device’s quality assurance process.  


Seamless connectivity independent of Wi-Fi connection

On the theme of not being offline, mobile trailblazers also need to be constantly connected. In the past, business travel meant they’d be difficult to reach, and probably offline – but today, mobile trailblazers are expected to be accessible anytime, regardless of their travel schedules.

This means they need not only long battery life but also seamless connectivity – regardless of whether they’re out of range for Wi-Fi.

The HP ProBook 635 Aero can be configured to include support for 4G LTE to keep them connected to their team so they don’t need to be of reach, even if there aren’t secure Wi-Fi connections available.

Your device, your identity

Mobile trailblazers – whether executives or sales - often represent the company with customers and clients and interact face-to-face.

As such, their devices are also a representation of the company. For them, carrying devices that look modern and sophisticated are a reflection of both the company image and their own image.

The HP ProBook 635 Aero, like most of the ProBook range, can be configured to suit the needs memory and storage needs of the modern trailblazer. Upgrade up to 1TB of storage and speed things up with up to 32GB upgradable dual-channel memory.


Collaborate and connect anytime

Not only are these users collaborating frequently, but they are also often connecting with people and groups outside of the company.

That means they’re going to have to plug into diverse meeting room and workspaces, using a variety of different programs depending on the organisation they’re meeting with. As a result, they’ll need seamless audio/video performance.

With USB-C and HDMI 2.0 ports, mobile trailblazers are able to hook up to different audio-visual systems present their ideas and collaborate on the go.

HP’s QuickDrop is an Android and iOS app that allows them to seamlessly integrate their laptop with their phone – no more emailing files to themselves to move information between their PC and mobile devices.

Keep sensitive customer data secure

Not only do these users carry and review highly sensitive data, often in public places, but they carry these materials out into the world more than most users. That introduces a huge level of risk.

However, security doesn’t have result in a compromised us­­­­­er experience – integrated infrared sensors allow fast login with Windows Hello through a hybrid infrared/webcam face recognition setup to wake a device up quickly.

From connecting to public or unsecured Wi-Fi to reviewing materials in public places, to potentially leaving their notebooks unattended or losing them in taxis/airports/cafes, these users can be a major security risk, and a problem for IT decision-makers looking to protect their company’s assets.

Features like HP Sure View Reflect, a webcam privacy switch, and fingerprint sensor are additional layers of security the HP ProBook 635 Aero comes with to keep their data safe when they’re on the go.

HP Sure View Reflect is a copper-tinted reflective privacy screen that functions well in both bright and dark environments to create a remarkably private reflective solution.

In terms of servicing these users, their mobile lifestyle means that they won’t often have access to physical support like Tech Café’s, vending machines, etc. That makes their ability to recover and to get remote support extremely important.



*250 nit panel, HP Sure View Reflect, fingerprint sensor, multiple SODIMMs, WWAN, 53Whr battery, and backlit keyboard not available on configurations starting at less than 1kg.

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