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April 27th, 2021

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Before 2020, the workforce could be segmented primarily in 3 ways.

Who is doing the work, where that work happens, and what tools, methods and style that work happened in.

Covid-19 has changed that and forced employers to rethink what their employees need.

The rapid transformation of the traditional, even the most progressive corporate environment, pulls not only technology but stretches people beyond their comfort zones; challenging their ability to maintain personal relationships while maintaining top productive efforts on the work front.

We’re developing a new way of working together.

It’s becoming important to consider people as they balance work and life, often in the same environment, from the same kitchen table they’re prioritising the business and personal.

Making homes the new workplace puts added strains on security with an increase of attacks on home Wi-Fi networks – and added emphasis on our workstyles being with remote teams.

Getting connected is one thing, but building a connection is another. The need for collaboration is at an all-time high, the crucible of business is engagement, and having a webcam that doesn’t fall short, with a mic and speakers built for collaboration first is a key.

Employers are finding that they have to pivot to address these new issues. The office is new again, so how can we enable people to be their best?

Changing workstyles - by the numbers

Research from Gallup has yielded these insights:

Employees are embracing a new workplace

  • Employees who regularly work remotely are happier and stay with their companies longer than on-site employees.

  • 45% of newly remote workers are provided desktops to work from home, 63% are issued notebooks

Off-site devices need strong endpoint security

  • Managing remote devices and increased security risks are the two top concerns of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) in a remote working world.

  • ITDMs report 51% of their company’s employees are working exclusively at home, double the number prior to Covid-19

  • Remote work was on the rise ahead of current situations, growing more than 159% in the last decade

Building remote relationships are key for businesses to keep moving forward

  • ITDMs expect an increase in remote work, and a decrease in travel compared to before Covid-19

  • 50% Of end-users feel they don’t have the tools they need to work remote

  • Companies currently spend over $1000 on accessories per employee working from home

  • The weak link in the chain, where the system could get overloaded, is going to be the home broadband network,” said Lisa Pierce, a network expert with Gartner. “People will hit congestion, just like a highway, where the speed goes from 60 miles an hour to 20.

An AIO for a new way of working

The HP EliteOne 800 G6 All-in-One PC allows users to meet the demands of a strenuous workday facilitating multi-tasking with a beautifully designed, powerful, and open-office friendly PC.

In the home, its gorgeous aesthetic grabs attention with its streamlined modern design with built-in webcam, speakers, and microphone.

At the front desk, it elevates expectations of what an AIO can do with its powerful, secure, no-compromise solution for those on the front lines of business.

  • New Modern Design
    Beautiful silver aesthetics complemented by clean-desk cable management

  • Powerful Performance
    Latest 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and optional discrete VR-ready graphics

  • Enhanced Collaboration
    Optional 5 MP World-facing auto-focus camera and HDMI-In (use your All-in-One as a monitor) for even greater productivity

  • Fast Connections
    Wi-Fi 6 offers up to 3x faster file transfer speeds and HP Extended Range Wireless LAN allows greater distance transmission

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