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May 27th, 2021

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The pivot to remote work happened fast. For some, business was unusual but steady. For others, it was a giant wake-up call. Harder than expected to give employees continuous access to apps and data from everywhere for maximum productivity. Challenging to quickly scale solutions, reliably without sacrificing performance or security. Today’s ‘anywhere organisation’ hinges on an intentional digital-first strategy, prioritising rapid setup, instant scaling, support, and security as the rule, not the exception. There’s no looking back. Only planning for what comes next.

VMware Workspace ONE platform provides technology that engages employees and promotes productivity. By enabling workflows on both employee and corporate-owned devices, you can empower employees to complete tasks in real-time from the device that is right in front of them at that moment – to create a truly productive environment from anywhere.

Overcome flexible work policy challenges

Technology, not location, is the glue holding today’s distributed organisation together. A digital foundation that seamlessly supports a fully distributed workforce builds a more resilient and competitive organisation. And this new operational model, with greater flexibility and more agile ways of working, provides employee work-life balance advantages that improve the employee experience. As your organisation considers new remote-work policies, the strongest link has to be your infrastructure—otherwise, getting up and running quickly is challenging.

How will your distributed workforce needs be met?

IT manager

“I need our infrastructure to quickly scale up to meet today’s needs. And scale down tomorrow when demand has changed. I need to securely deliver access to resources to remote workers on any device, anywhere.”

Employees want choice and flexibility. Through best-in-class digital workspace technologies including virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), VMware delivers safe, reliable data and app access to all your employees working anywhere. At the foundation is a set of enhanced, flexible cloud management tools that deliver enterprise scalability, performance, and resiliency.

  • Unparalleled VDI experience that scales
  • One control plane for deployment onsite and in clouds
  • Optimal performance with on-demand elasticity

“I want the freedom to work using my own and company-owned devices. I also want the support of IT staff working remotely, too, should I need it. I want to easily find and install all the apps I need for work and be completely productive from anywhere—using any device.”

Team Work From Home 

IT wants more control and protection. Purpose-built for cloud, modern endpoint management in Future Ready Workforce Solutions features context-aware security. It intrinsically safeguards all your assets accessed from across the organisation while significantly reducing endpoint complexity and IT management. And your employees get a consistent experience for any app on any device—wherever they’re working.

  • Choice with seamless employee experience for day-one productivity
  • Modern management for Windows 10
  • Zero-trust security with intelligent insights and remediation

“I need to make sure the right employees have the right access to what they need to do their best work. With everyone using remote connections, I need to ensure our digital workforce is equipped with flexible yet uninterrupted service when accessing apps and data.”


Everyone wants performance. New highly distributed work environments have pushed the boundaries of the network edge to employee homes. Who and what is coming in access plus always-on connectivity in Future Ready Workforce Solutions bring the corporate network to each remote employee location and branch office in a safe, scalable way.

  • Context-aware access
  • High-performance connectivity without compromise
  • Cloud-enabled security

Critical Capabilities

The most successful remote work strategies are built on proven VMware Future Ready Workforce Solutions. They are built on a unified foundation that spans from cloud to device and empower your organisation to deliver an exceptional and secure employee experience, everywhere. Scale access to all your vital apps and data. Ease the management and security of all your endpoints. Optimise your network edge. Future Ready Workforce Solutions support every stage of the journey—from prescriptive and rapid response to enabling net-new ways of working—whether your team is reacting to fill functional gaps or rethinking and securely evolving for the future.

What Every Future-Ready Organisation Needs

In today’s fast-changing world, it’s no longer enough to support remote working as an exception, not the rule. Transition to a digital-first strategy that sets your organisation on a journey to long-term benefits. Support diversity and inclusion initiatives. Attract and retain the best talent. And boost the productivity, engagement, and profitability of your employees. Transform your organisation and become a leader of the new work world.

Talk to our business specialists today to help your workforce be productive from anywhere, on any device.

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