Top Interactive Displays for collaboration in hybrid workplaces

April 5th, 2022

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Over the last two years, companies worldwide sent their employees home to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

Employees are separated from each other, resulting in fewer face-to-face interactions. Instead, usual meetings are replaced with audio calls and video conferences.

Communication and collaboration are integral to achieving project and company goals. In a typical office setting, employees come together to discuss or solve issues, and sometimes with whiteboards at their disposal.

Whiteboards have come a long way. Traditionally, they are the easiest and quickest way to take note of ideas in a group setting.

Whether it's simply to scribble the marketing plan for the quarter or solve complex algorithms, the presence of whiteboards in workspaces has been a critical tool to boost employee productivity and engagement.

Communication and collaboration disruptions caused by remote working

Software development teams tend to work closely when designing or solving complex problems. With remote working, employees are finding it difficult to communicate and collaborate.

To alleviate this disruption, remote teams turned to virtual whiteboards as a solution.

Jevin Maltias, an engineer manager at a fully distributed automation software company called Zapier, says his team has been asynchronously using virtual whiteboards, allowing people to contribute in their own time.

"Digital whiteboards can be very long-running. We can record the meeting, allowing that person to contribute to that whiteboard while watching live." Maltias said.

Zapier has fully embraced virtual whiteboards as it's a much better way to engage their engineers, who only get once or twice a year to meet up due to the pandemic.

Digital workspace technology is essential for enabling innovation in a hybrid workforce

According to Gartner's Digital Worker Experience Survey, there has been a 44% increase in workers' use of collaboration tools since 2019. Since the pandemic began, nearly 80% of workers used collaboration tools in 2021, more than half compared to the workers from the previous year.

Businesses are trying to replicate in-person meetings more digitally. On average, in-person meetings dropped from 63% in 2019 to only 33% in 2021 as more meetings took place over audio or video-enabled sessions, like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zooms and Skype. 

As Covid-19 becomes more manageable, organisations start to open their doors and welcome their employees back into the office. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple, are adopting the hybrid work approach giving employees the option of rostered office attendance or going full remote working.

"As many organisations shift to long-term hybrid workforce model, cloud-based, personal and team productivity technology, along with collaborations tools, will form the core of a series of new work hubs that meet the requirement of various remote and hybrid workers," said Gartner Principal Research Analyst Christopher Trueman.

Business leaders need to prepare and ensure the office is equipped with communication and collaboration tools, like interactive displays, that facilitate effective communication in a hybrid work environment.

"As IT leaders prepare for a mix of meeting modalities, it will be critical that they ensure equitable collaboration, tool and resources access for all meeting participants, regardless of location," Trueman adds.

Create more inclusive hybrid meetings with Interactive Displays

Interactive displays have come a long way compared to a traditional whiteboard. Nowadays, they're fully-fledged computer devices, doing simple digital manipulation, like copy-pasting.

Organisations can use interactive displays to bridge the gap between employees and build an inclusive hybrid office environment for their team.

Hybrid meetings can make employees feel disconnected. With interactive display screens, teams can collaborate as if they're in the same space without needing to point the camera toward the whiteboard during video presentations.

Having a shared virtual workspace that enables asynchronous communication is vital for hybrid working, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

The best interactive displays in the market have features that facilitate collaboration in any space with myriad connectivity options, untethering the whiteboard experience from the wall so that display can go wherever your team is most productive.

Our team has curated the top interactive display by market leaders Newline, Samsung, Microsoft, LG, and Huawei.

The smart all-round meeting solution - Newline Mira

The Mira model is Newline's newest and most versatile interactive display in the market, fulfilling every collaborative workspaces' needs.

With display sizes available in 65-inch or 75-inch, the MIRA interactive display is suitable for most meeting rooms, huddle spaces, lecture halls and offices.

Newline’s Mira display is optically bonded, eliminating the internal reflection between the screen glass and the LCD cell resulting in an overall brighter screen and well-improved image contrast. With a 4K display and viewing angle of 178 degrees, you and your team can have a better viewing experience and sit comfortably anywhere in the room. At the same time, the display on the screen remains viewable at any angle of the room.

With Multi-Touch technology, the Mira display allows team members to work and write at the same together with no limits. They react to touch the same way as phones and tablets so that you can tap, pinch, scroll, and interact the same way you would with the devices you use every day. 

The Mira model is an excellent choice for hybrid meetings. The built-in camera and microphone array with echo cancellation and noise reduction, facilities for easy collaboration and video conferences.

The versatile, portable digital flipchart – Samsung Flip 2

Say goodbye to unwieldy paper flipcharts, messy whiteboards and smelly markers with the Samsung Flip 2 Display.

The versatile, portable Samsung Flip 2 digital flipchart enhances today's fast-paced and digital-centric workflow, allowing teams to easily hold and recap meetings. It drives greater collaboration, expands presentation capabilities and is ideal for meetings, training or group brainstorming.

Available on 55-inch and 65-inch screens, the Flip 2 gives a smooth and familiar pen-to-paper-like writing experience for making meetings and brainstorms more productive. Brush Mode allows you to create art at the stroke of a brush in water and oil painting modes. Up to four people can write simultaneously and erase drawings with a finger or palm swipe on any background source. By simply clicking the note layer button, you can enjoy smooth writing anytime, anywhere on any content displayed, without affecting any work behind the original layer.

Touch out functionality allows users to sync their smartphones or tablets with the Samsung Flip for real-time content sharing and control.

The Flip 2 allows you to connect your PC to the board remotely, meaning any meeting can be started without a PC in the room to avoid delays and help ensure efficiency.

It's also ideal for presentations to large audiences and environments such as seminars or Annual General Meetings. You can project content on the Samsung Flip 2 to another large digital display in real-time, using a Wi-Fi network or HDMI out connection.

Bring teams closer with - Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is the company’s second iteration of an interactive display. The size, weight, mobility, and stylus improvements bring the Surface Hub 2S much closer to its intended purpose – driving collaboration beyond the boardroom.

Thin and sleek, Surface Hub 2S integrates into any workspace. From conference rooms to open spaces, it can go wherever ideas strike with the mobile stand and battery, allowing the Surface Hub 2S to run unplugged for up to two hours.

Make better human connections for your hybrid teams. The Surface Hub 2S ensures everyone is seen, heard, and actively participates with a 4K Surface Hub dual camera, far-field mics, crystal-clear speakers, and a brilliant, 4K resolution screen.

Brainstorm together in Microsoft Whiteboard and collaborate across devices to organically share and develop ideas, while projecting wirelessly to share content with Miracast. Access and share files at your fingertips by signing in to Office 365.

All-in-one Surface Hub 2S natively runs your must-have Microsoft apps, including Microsoft Edge and Office and your essential business apps. Incredibly high resolution and impressive graphics performance deliver vibrant, crisp, and clear images and video on the thin, light 50-inch or 85-inch display.

The All-in-One Display – LG One:Quick Flex

The LG One:Quick Flex comes in a sleek design that effortlessly blends with the surrounding office interior.

Available in 43-inch and 55-inch screens, this all-in-one display enables effective work collaboration using its' built-in Full HD camera with manual tilt, 3-metre pick-up range microphones and speakers.

The One:Quick Flex makes collaboration and tasks like taking notes and drawings easy with in-cell touch technology and a dedicated touch pen.

The user experience is designed to replicate a mobile touch experience, making it easy for anyone to use. The operating system is based on Windows, which most users are familiar with, making it straightforward to run and install programs.

From a private office or a public lounge, the One:Quick Flex can be used anywhere indoors and placed anywhere in the room using its' moveable stand. Content can also be viewed in a landscape or portrait mode, allowing employees to easily rotate the screen or adjust the height.

A productivity tool for a smart office - Huawei IdeaHub

With a sleek and user-centric design, the Huawei IdeaHub effortlessly integrates into any space. It's designed to suit any environment, effortlessly turning conference rooms, executive offices and open areas into smart spaces.

The IdeaHub delivers a crisp, clear display screen and a superb user experience. Employees can say goodbye to cables and simply tap to share their laptop or mobile screen. The ability to annotate files makes hybrid collaboration effortless.

The IdeaHub great tool to ensure employees stay connected. With 12 microphones, the IdeaHub can pick up human voices over an eight-metre radius resulting in crystal clear audio. It also comes with an AutoFrame feature which automatically adjusts the camera angle based on the size of the conference room and the number of participants, ensuring everyone is visible and present in video conferences.

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