Microsoft lists PB Tech in directory of trusted Azure Stack partners

June 30th, 2022

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Microsoft has acknowledged the hard work undertaken by PB Tech in the hybrid cloud space, adding PB Tech as a listed partner in Microsoft’s Azure Stack Partner Catalogue. Currently, PB Tech is the only New Zealand-based partner covering the New Zealand region.

In recent years, PB Tech through our relationships with NZ businesses has been aware of the desire to align IT direction with cloud technologies. To accelerate this desire, PB Tech has crafted several hybrid cloud solutions that enabled NZ businesses to achieve their goal.

Our hybrid cloud solution, based on Microsoft Azure technology is now in its second generation. It has been designed to minimise IT infrastructure whilst providing NZ businesses with all essential IT functionality and future flexibility that they may require. 

Why PB Tech’s solution is unique

PB Tech’s solution provides businesses with the flexibility to control your IT future. We can do this whether your business is wanting to move workloads to the cloud, move workloads from the cloud back on-premise, create a true hybrid cloud environment, control IT costs - especially cloud – or have a single management pane for all business applications.

All of these can be achieved with the solution that PB Tech now offers the NZ market. What PB Tech wasn’t prepared to be flexible on was solution performance.

Our solution had to be fast as we wanted to ensure the optimal performance of critical business applications.

We set the solution goal that the only delay in application performance was the speed at which employees/end users could interact.

The Second Gen ASHCI solution

PB Tech’s Azure Stack HCI (ASHCI) solutions are constructed using Microsoft-certified hardware.

We wanted to provide assurance to purchases of our solution that both PB Tech and Microsoft stand behind our offering.

Additionally, our ASHCI offering is hardware vendor-agnostic.

The solutions listed on our website are based on Supermicro technology as this solution offers the highest return on investment. However, if your business has an existing hardware vendor of choice, our solution can be easily ported into their hardware with no downsides, apart from a slight price adjustment.

Our solutions also provide capacity choice and are built leveraging both Intel and AMD CPU technology. AMD is currently winning the CPU performance race, having taken over Intel who has been in lead for the past decade. However, we offer you the choice of either.

Day 2 Ops

Ease of ongoing solution management, Day 2 Ops, is an important consideration when leveraging a technology stack such as ASHCI.

Thankfully, Microsoft has crafted a single pane of glass management tool called Window’s Admin Center for this purpose.

This tool provides a simple to use and intuitive management interface that provides complete visibility of the ASHCI solution including hosted workloads.

Windows Admin Center is also the tool that links your ASHCI solution into your Azure portal, thereby providing true hybrid cloud functionality by enabling you to easily consume Azure services.

There are multiple Azure services accessible through Windows Admin Center.

One important service is Azure Backup. This add-on provides functionality to backup workloads running on ASHCI to Azure. This service provides another avenue for reducing on-premise IT infrastructure.  

Another fantastic service available through Windows Admin Center is Azure Site Recovery, this provides your business disaster recovery functionality in Azure if the unexpected were to happen.

Learn how our solution can support your IT and business goals.

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