Make Physical Security part of your IT Strategy

February 8th, 2024

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Just like how a lock keeps your home safe, a strong Physical Security strategy acts like the lock on a business’s front door.

A Physical Security strategy is essential because it safeguards your business from threats like theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access. This is especially true for businesses, including government organisations and schools, where technology is central to daily operations.

According to the State of Physical Security Entering 2024 report from Pro-Vigil, approximately 25% of respondents saw an increase in physical security incidents in 2023. Shockingly, 32% of the affected businesses experienced project delays due to these incidents, and 30% reported damage to their assets. These statistics underline the tangible impact of inadequate physical security measures on businesses' overall operational efficiency and integrity.

By implementing robust physical security measures, businesses mitigate the risk highlighted in the report and create a solid foundation for protecting their data and employees against real-world risks. Having a strategy in place ensures a secure environment, fostering a resilient and sustainable business operation.

How can enhance workstation security for you and your employees goes beyond the ordinary by offering a range of essential tools that may seem mundane but are crucial for ensuring a secure workstation environment. From Privacy Screens designed to limit visibility to onlookers to Laptop Locks, which provide a simple yet effective way to deter theft and secure valuable devices in public and shared spaces, offers it all.

Recognising the often-overlooked importance of these tools, strives to enhance your business’s overall security.

Foil prying eyes with Privacy screens

Safeguard confidential data in a bustling workspace or public areas with’s privacy screens/filters for desktop monitors.

Despite significant investments in securing data on servers and in the cloud, a critical question arises – Why should companies continue to spend thousands of dollars fortifying data security in these domains when it remains vulnerable, easily visible, and readable by bystanders from just the screen?’s privacy screens are a great solution for safeguarding confidential data. These screen filters utilises microlouver technology, creating a blackout privacy shield that extends beyond conventional viewing angles. With an impressive +/- 30 (60 total) degree viewing angle, users can maintain optimal image clarity while ensuring the confidentiality of information. These privacy filters feature a fingerprint, dust, and scratch-resistant coating, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Available in 2 sizes for 24-inch or 27-inch monitors,’s Privacy Screens offer more than just data protection. They include a blue light-reducing coating, effectively reducing eye strain during extended work sessions. Additionally, these screens come equipped with antimicrobial protection - a nice bonus to the overall hygiene in the workplace environment.

These filters also include a protective sleeve. The privacy screens can be easily cleaned with the included microfiber cloth. The reversible 2-in-1 filter has a matte side, eliminating reflections and glare for extended periods of use. On the other hand, the glossy side offers enhanced privacy with a swift black-out transition while preserving contrast and colour vibrancy.

Keep portable devices safe by deploying flexible and secure user device locks

If your business needs to secure multiple devices, such as laptops, tablets, monitors, and docking stations, a product like a Laptop Cable lock might alleviate your situation.

Do you need to keep multiple devices, such as laptops, tablets, monitors, and docking stations, safe? Then, a universal Laptop Lock is a smart choice to solve this issue. It ensures employees’ devices are secure while deterring theft and protecting valuable assets and sensitive information. It’s an easy, versatile solution for businesses wanting to step up their physical security game.

Finding the right laptop lock to help protect against theft has never been easier.’s universal laptop cable locks work with most security lock slots. The interchangeable lock heads are compatible with three laptop lock slots – the K-Slot, Kensington Nano, and the Noble Wedgelock. It features a durable zinc-alloy lock head, proving reliable for theft prevention and maximising security in various business environments. Available in two options, both 2 metres long, one as a key option and the other as a number combination lock.

A keyed laptop cable lock offers enhanced security without requiring employees to remember a number combination, making it ideal for the office or on-the-go situations. With its convenient push-to-lock function, users can save time by easily setting the lock with just one press, and the swivelling cable joint adds further convenience. Additionally, the lock comes with two master keys.

A combination lock is still an excellent alternative for employees seeking a different security solution. With this option, users can set their unique four-digit combination, eliminating the need for keys and providing personalised security – ideal for dynamic work environments that prioritise flexibility and convenience.

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