What are the different DaaS tiers and why does your business need them?

July 1st, 2020

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Having the right IT equipment is key to a business’s productivity. However, as a business grows, updating and managing a device fleet can become a cumbersome process that takes up an inordinate amount of IT resources.

Device-as-a-Service is a programme designed to alleviate some of that pressure by helping businesses manage their device lifecycles.

It also makes the cost of IT assets predictable by spreading them out over a term of three years, allowing businesses to reliably upgrade their device fleets.

The DaaS programme is available in three tiers. At its core, Tier One of the programme gives businesses access to devices with basic services included, Tier Two includes added security and monitoring features, and Tier Three is an end-to-end lifecycle management service that even includes remote user support.

Here’s a deep dive into what DaaS tiers are and what they include.

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) Tier One: The basics

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Starting from a comfortable $40 per month, Tier One is the most basic and accessible version of the DaaS service available at PB Tech.

It includes device fleet refreshes every three years and PB Tech’s most effective pre and post-lifecycle services - hardware warranty and support, asset management, BIOS configuration and physical asset tagging, certified data erasure - on top of inclusion in PB Tech's Environmental Sustainability Programme.

  • Device-as-a-Service – You choose the device that fits your needs and pay for it as a monthly subscription for the period you choose to keep the hardware for (usually 3 years). At the end of the term, you may choose to return the devices, and you get new, updated models delivered to your doorstep.
  • Hardware warranty and support – Your devices are covered under manufacturer warranty and we will support you if something goes wrong.
  • Asset management – PB Tech provides real-time information on our commercial portal on all assets provided under the DaaS and their details.
  • Physical and BIOS asset tagging – Image provisioning, BIOS configuration and asset tagging services are carried out for devices included in the DaaS programme before shipping.
  • Certified data cleansing – At the end of the term, the devices returned are sent to our data wiping specialist for secure data erasure, ensuring that your sensitive business-critical data cannot be retrieved from your old devices.
  • Environment sustainability programme – Our Second Life Sustainability Programme ensures that devices in good shape are refurbished and resold, reducing the electronic waste generated by your business. If the device can’t be reused, we make sure it’s disposed of locally in compliance with international environmental management system ISO14001.

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) Tier Two: Middle of the road

At around $65 per month, Tier Two includes all the services covered by Tier One with extra monitoring and security features bundled in.

Our Tier Two is the solution for businesses seeking a higher level of control, management and data gathering, but still prefer to leverage from their own internal resources to actively manage and support their assets.

The toolset provided under Tier Two will empower your business with better visibility and control of your own environment, so you can make smarter decisions on managing and supporting your employees.

Here’s what Tier Two comes with:

  • PB Tech ‘Order to Desk’ deployment - PB Tech stages devices and ships directly to your users together with pre-defined user-friendly instructions on setting it up.
  • Remote domain join - Service engineers remotely enrol devices into your business domain (VPN connection may be required) prior to the shipment.
  • Ticket management portal - Admin access licenses to a web-based ticketing system application.
  • Ticket lodgement - Ticketing lodgement system agent installed on all devices.
  • Utilisation reporting - Real-time report on device utilisation on each individual asset.
  • Hardware inventory reporting – Hardware inventory reports are provided every week so you have clear visibility on your device fleet compared to your business’ needs.
  • Windows patch notifications - Alerts for all Windows patching updates provided to the system administrators.

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) Tier Three: The works

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At around $85 per month, Tier Three is fully-fledged end-to-end asset lifecycle management service. It includes Level 1 and Level 2 remote support for end-users and devices, telephony response SLAs, Service delivery management, and all the services covered by Tiers One and Two.

Tier Three of PB Tech's DaaS is for businesses that are looking into fully outsourcing support and management of technology assets, so they can focus on their own productivity as a business.

On this tier level, PB Tech will fully manage and support your end-user devices. Our managed service department will become part of your team and will action on ticketing requests and assist your employees directly.

Here’s what Tier Three comes with:

  • Remote Hardware Support – Direct contact with trained engineers on hardware triaging and troubleshooting via phone or e-mail.
  • Customer ‘Evangelist’ – SLA Delivery and Reporting – Report on service delivery and user satisfaction.
  • Service Desk Single Point of Contact - Tickets are received by a single primary support agent that understands your business and escalates issues accordingly.
  • Response and Resolve SLAs – Response and resolution times are defined to match your business needs.
  • Level 1 Remote Support for End Users and Devices – Qualified Level 1 engineers are assigned for basic incidents.
  • Level 2 Remote Support for End Users and Devices - Qualified Level 2 engineers assigned for the support of more complex incidents.
  • Service Request Fulfilment and Incident Resolution – A ticketing resolution notification is provided when the incident is resolved, with communication trial and details.
  • Third-Party Ticket Management (i.e. for application issues or hardware failures) – Service department liaises directly with the vendor on your behalf for support requests that are related to the manufacturer or that cannot be resolved by the service desk.
  • Service Delivery Management – An account manager is allocated as the escalation point, relationship management and business improvement strategy.
  • Onsite Warranty/Forward Replacement – Forward replacements and onsite warranties are managed by PB Tech.

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