Case study: Project management firm gets mobile with Microsoft Surface Pro devices

October 21st, 2022

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Rubix provides independent project management services to the building and construction industry.

It works with clients across the full lifecycle of projects and assists with everything from feasibility and early planning through to construction and handover of building and infrastructure projects.

The value of its projects ranges anywhere from a few hundred thousand dollars to a few hundred million dollars.


  • Efficiency and ease of purchasing device fleet
  • Modern, portable devices for staff
  • A consistent hardware specification that makes national support easier


Many of Rubix’s staff spent a lot of time out of its offices, so it was important for them to have the ability to take their technology with them and for their devices to be lightweight, portable, and high-performance, wherever they might be.

“As the business grew and we had more staff and more locations, it was about being consistent with how people accessed the technology,” said Rubix Principal Ashton Peters.

It wanted the ability to have a standard Rubix computer specification that worked consistently for all staff across its offices and allowed them to work remotely and flexibly within an office environment.



“PB Tech helped us standardise nationally with Microsoft Surface for Business hardware,” Peters said.

One of the key features Surface Pro devices offered for the Rubix team was the ability to use the device as both a laptop and a tablet.

This meant the team could seamlessly transition from working in the office to working remotely or on their project sites, including marking up and signing documents using the Surface Pen, which has made workflows much easier.

“PB Tech helped us standardise with Microsoft Surface for Business hardware.”

Rubix Principal Ashton Peters

“Now we know that all our staff across the country, no matter where they're sitting and what project they're working on, have access to a consistent, high-quality piece of hardware to do their work,” said Peters.



The Surface Pro devices meant Rubix team members had capable mobile devices suited for the modern flexible work environment.

At an organisational and IT management level, they have a consistent hardware and software setup that makes device support easier.

“Tate understands our business and what our needs are. It has been really useful for us to have a single point of contact, resulting in less confusion and improved efficiency with our IT purchasing.”

Rubix Principal Ashton Peters

Rubix said they received proactive, responsive, and high-quality service from PB Tech Sales Consultant Tate Jiang as their dedicated account manager.

“Tate understands our business and what our needs are. It has been really useful for us to have a single point of contact, resulting in less confusion and improved efficiency with our IT purchasing,” said Peters.

Peters adds, “IT and technology solutions are something that I'm personally really passionate about, but it's also really important for our business because having access to modern technology helps us do our job more efficiently and more effectively.”

“Ultimately, what that leads to for us is better project outcomes for our clients, which is what we're all about.”

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