A well-designed cable management system is vital to the success of your company's IT environment.

If your business requires expertise in regards to the design and installation of data cabling, structured cabling or electrical services, PB Tech can not only assist in designing a great solution but can also help with full implementation, installation and support. It's an investment that will pay itself back and more overtime in many ways.

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We Can Do:
  • Data & Structured Cabling – Design & Implementation
  • Fibre Optic Cabling – Design & Implementation
  • Electrical Services – Design & Implementation
  • Server Room Power – Design & Implementation
  • Commercial Power Installation
  • Other general electric work

Benefits of Cable Management

More Uptime

Tangled cables can cause connectivity issues, resulting in network downtime and decreased productivity.

Future-proof your Business

Since structured cabling is easier to manage, you can add new machines or activities to your environment with ease and less interruption.

Quicker Troubleshooting

A structured cabling systems takes less time to isolate a problem and solve it, resulting in quicker troubleshooting.


Unorganised cables have a higher chance of fires, electrical shocks, and trips and falls.

Better Return on Investment

Structured cabling optimizes your network and requires less maintenance and replacement. Over the lifetime of your hardware, you'll have lower costs.

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