Remote working, international collaboration, and video conferencing have become staple aspects of office culture.

Video conferencing allows team members to collaborate across different time zones and locations, fostering connections and better team cohesion in remote teams. It also allows businesses to offer flexible working options to its staff, knowing that they have an avenue to keep communication channels open.

Businesses that have implemented remote working know its success is largely dependent on the reliability of the solutions in place. Organisations want to be able to focus on getting meetings done quickly without having to fiddle around with cameras or phones; sparking demand for simple, intuitive conferencing solutions that don’t require technical training to operate.

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Key advantages of remote meetings

In the past, remote meetings may not have been a viable option for regular team communication with grainy video quality, patchy internet connection, and the price of mobile data.

Recent developments in technology have changed that, making it easier for businesses to reap the benefits of remote working including:

  • Reduced travel time and costs
  • Optimised attendance
  • Structured meetings with engaging communication
  • Increased productivity
  • Ability to share ideas and collaborate with ease
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Microsoft Teams Rooms and Microsoft Surface Hub - what's the difference?

Watch our virtual panel with Microsoft Teams and Ingram Micro where we compare the two different setups for cost, functionality, and value. 


The right solution for your organisation, every time

Every organisation has different goals and achieves them in different ways. At PB Tech, we strive to provide bespoke solutions that meet your objectives simply, effectively, and within budget.


Our solutions experts will perform a consultation to understand how the video conferencing solution will be used, your existing IT infrastructure, and key deliverables. Timeframes, success measures, and budgets are agreed upon for the project scope.

Most businesses are either looking to upgrade conference set up to something more modern and compatible with Zoom or Microsoft Teams, but we also seek a deeper understanding of the most important features a customer is looking for. These can range from screen mirroring, BYOD support, VoIP integration, One Touch join, or scheduled meeting rooms.


A conference space can have all the latest and greatest features built-in, but ultimately the implementation will only be considered a success if all the end-users can use it easily – which is why they feature heavily in our solution design phase.

We aim to help customers partner the right hardware with the appropriate video conferencing software to complete a solution with our knowledge. Newline empowers end users with ease of collaboration, Poly’s microphone AI produces crystal clear audio, and Logitech enables users to plug-and-play with its versatile hardware configurations.


Installation is performed to assure the seamless integration of the agreed solution into the customer’s environment. This includes troubleshooting and perfecting the settings on the solution. The installation achieves aesthetics, functionality and ease of use. Ongoing support is always available, and we’re always happy to assist with follow-up support enquiries or help with scaling the solution to other areas of the customer’s environment.

PB Tech has delivered video conferencing solutions ranging from small video conference solutions to 6,000 unit deployments of TV systems for large government organisations.


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Building your dream conference setup

PB Tech sources a range of video conferencing equipment from reliable vendors so we have a wide variety of options for your business, whether you’re looking to set up board rooms, huddle rooms, learning spaces, or lounge areas with video conferencing solutions that “just work”.

We can help you build an end-to-end video conferencing solution to connect your teams remotely with everything from

  • Video cameras
  • Interactive displays
  • Television displays
  • Mounting/trolley solutions
  • Wireless displays
  • Compact PCs/Thin clients

PB Tech brings advanced video conferencing solutions to FarmRight offices

FarmRight focuses on providing a full range of investment and management solutions to well-governed, long-term investors in the agricultural sector across New Zealand. It needed a solution to cut the time and cost of travel for its employees along with a goal of reducing the business’ carbon footprint and wanted to install a video conferencing solution at three offices – Te Awamutu, Christchurch, and Lumsden – to achieve this.

With a meeting room at each location, PB Tech’s solutions experts proposed a portable video conferencing setup featuring a Newline interactive display and Logitech video conferencing system. We provided all three offices with the exact same setup to ensure the experience using their video conferencing solution was uniform across all three offices, speeding up adoption of the solution and simplifying the troubleshooting process.

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Our partners

PB Tech partners with the best names in audio and video conferencing to design a solution that meets your needs. Vendors we work with include:

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New Zealand Telehealth Services IT Manager


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