Are you a business, school, or non-profit organisation procuring Adobe licences with credit cards?

If you’re purchasing Adobe through retail channels, your organisation might be paying a higher price for licenses, credit card fees, and facing the inherent security risks that come with them to boot.


Have you ever considered that you may be:


Paying a higher price, and missing out on the opportunity to streamline your purchases through trusted technology providers such as PB Tech?


Lacking visibility, management and support of your licenses and subscription renewals.


Utilising an unfit payment method. Credit card payments have a high finance cost to your business, carry fees and may be unsafe and unreliable.


If you’re buying your Adobe licenses from another supplier or directly via Adobe, why not consolidate it with your trusted hardware partner, PB Tech?

PB Tech can invoice you for Adobe licenses on your term account so we can be your one-stop-shop for all your IT solutions and hardware. See why the way your organisation manages its Adobe licensing matters.


Ready to find out how easy it is to transfer your licensing off credit card?



Tailored advice on making the best license management decisions for your organisation

Adobe VIP vs individual Adobe License

PB Tech supplies Adobe licenses under Adobe’s VIP programme. The Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) is a subscription licensing program that makes it convenient for organisations and institutions of all sizes to purchase, deploy, and manage Adobe products.

Adobe products can also be procured through retail channels (from via individual licenses.

Here are some of the differences between the two different ways of procuring Adobe licenses:


Key Features Adobe Individual Adobe VIP with PB Tech
Billing Method Credit Card Invoice
Volume Discount Rates    
Simplified Billing under One Contract    
Cloud Storage 100GB 1TB
Version History 30 Days 180 Days
Creative Cloud Libraries For Individuals Only For all your Adobe Licenses
Admin Console for Managing Licenses    
Centralized Deployment Tools    
Asset Reclamation when People and Projects Change    
Advanced Support    
Additional Business Features    
Ability to Share Previews for Review
(Select Apps Only)
Integration with Apps like Microsoft Teams & Slack    
Company Ownership of Team Libraries    
Storage Pooled at Organization Level    
Dashboard View of Storage Usage by Team Member    
1:1 Sessions with Adobe Project Experts    



The Adobe Admin Console is a central location for managing the Adobe entitlements across your organisation.

Quick and painless account transferring

Let us remove the hassle of Adobe licence management from your teams with this five-minute process:


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