There are two ways PB Tech works with you to reduce your licensing costs and improve Microsoft 365 operationally.

We audit and update your licensing structure.

Our team and specialists will schedule a meeting to discuss your organisation's requirements and audit your current license structure.

We will build and propose the most cost-effective licensing structure for your organisation, taking in consideration user application requirements, future projects, and scalability needs.

We give you the best rate possible.

Our rates are very attractive for Microsoft 365 and Azure consumption and we can sustain our pricing strategy thanks to optimisation and automation of backend processes.

We simplify things

Over the years, Microsoft has worked to facilitate and simplify access and management of its products.

Most organisations in NZ are doing all the heavy lifting internally managing and supporting Microsoft environments and all the tasks that come with it like assigning and unassigning licences, managing renewals etc.

Some are still paying a high/standard rate for Microsoft licences due to historical arrangements and procuring and managing subscriptions using legacy platforms.

PB Tech is taking a different approach to Microsoft 365 and working closely with Microsoft locally to guide our clients through their Microsoft 365 journey. We are uncovering the best ways for our customers to structure and procure Microsoft Cloud Licences.

Why manage your Microsoft licensing with PB?

This is PB Tech’s commitment to you when you transfer the management of your licensing to us:

  • Access to a self-service cloud portal for procurement and management of Microsoft and other cloud products.
  • Access to some of the best cloud rates in NZ.
  • Support and guidance on what’s new and assistance with any challenges you may have regarding cloud products.
  • Account management with quarterly reviews and change recommendations.
  • Access to exclusive update events and on the latest thought leadership and industry expertise.

What our customers say

"At Glengarry’s, we were looking for a disruptive Microsoft 365 partner to facilitate procurement of Microsoft 365 cloud products and provide us with guidance and support on deploying Microsoft Modern Workplace applications. PB Tech has enrolled us on a cloud license procurement portal with fast licensing turnaround times, support, and GREAT pricing. The team at PB Tech continuously sends us updates on changes within Microsoft Cloud and their support through the years we’ve worked with them is outstanding."
Zane Hemingway

CIO of Glengarry

Cloud Licensing
Cloud Licensing

Gain full control of licensing procurement with PB Tech’s self-service portal to accelerate your growing business. With a range of features available, you will have access to Microsoft 365 full suite of cloud products at PB Tech’s special pricing, and you will be able to procure new licences, upgrade existing ones and request cancellations. Every change made in our portal will automatically reflect at your Microsoft Admin Centre within minutes, as the portal integrates directly with Microsoft’s License Management Portal.

Unbeatable Price Point
Unbeatable Price Point

PB Tech is notorious for providing cost-effective solutions to our clients and Microsoft 365 products are no different to us, that is an advantage that comes from our extended industry partnerships, automated systems and process, procurement strategy, and lean operations, we pride ourselves on being efficient and providing fair pricing for your Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Specialist Knowledge and Guidance
Specialist Knowledge and Guidance

The cloud segment in technology is constantly changing which impacts how cloud products and subscriptions are delivered to organisations. It is important to stay updated on how and when changes may affect you. We have an in-house Microsoft team to guide and keep you updated on what is happening in the Microsoft world and ensure you are ready for any incoming changes and take advantage of incentive programs.

We work with Microsoft directly to audit and structure your Microsoft licences to ensure that you have access to all the applications you require, in the most cost-effective way possible.

First look – what could Microsoft Copilot 365 do for your organisation?

Generative AI promises to unlock resource savings and productivity for every workplace, but what would it take for your organisation to use one the most anticipated gen AIs – Microsoft Copilot – effectively?

See Microsoft Copilot in action in our training sessions.

Microsoft Solutions Architect Craig Galloway, Microsoft Modern Workplace Specialist Liam Buttner, and the PB Tech team present a clear and concise session to learn what Microsoft Copilot could do for your organisation and how businesses can use alternative AI engines to build business-specific solutions for their organisations.

Fill in the form below for further information about the material covered in the training session.

The new Microsoft NCE Program
The new Microsoft NCE Program

Get in touch with a Microsoft licensing specialist

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Sky NZ Director of Technology

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Justin Joseph

Mobile Mentor Systems Administrator

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New Zealand Telehealth Services IT Manager


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