One Partner Manage Services sees PB Tech become your genuine "one stop shop" for all of your IT requirements.

Under One Partner, PB Tech picks up the management, maintenance and support of your IT infrastructure and End User requirements, including all 3rd party vendor management (if we don't manage it we will manage them!).

PB Tech already has unrivalled ability to deliver 'best in class' procurement services, let us show you how our "One Partner" Managed Services extends our delivery expertise right across the IT stack and right through the IT Lifecycle.

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  • Across the stack management of your IT environment and end-users
  • Single Point of Contact for all IT matters through our 3 tier, ITIL aligned Service Desk
  • Focus on exceptional end-user support - empathetic, patient and understanding
  • Metric driven approach to delivery of services delivering 'peace of mind' formal governance
  • Focus on data to drive Continual Service improvement
  • Focus on excellent communication throughout the delivery cycle
  • Transparency with our customers in regards processes, knowledge and data
  • Strategic partnership with NZ's largest IT supplier - "Delivery is in PB Tech's DNA!"

One Partner Delivery Ethos

PB Tech is proud of the way we deliver our managed services and our 'Delivery Ethos' underpins how we do things.


When our customers engage in us for 'One Partner Managed Services', they are 'handing the keys' over to the management of their technology platform. PB Tech utilizes a number of 'checks and balances' to govern our delivery.

Reporting is as regular as required and on whatever is required. A formal approach to IT Service Management means your technology platform is in safe hands.

Best End User Support

We love end-users and we strive for this to be reciprocated. One of PB Tech key strategies is to provide the 'most recommended end-user-support' in NZ and we will work with our customers and try everything to achieve this.

We want your end-users 'signing from the rooftops' about their PB Tech experience allowing key IT Stakeholders focus on driving their business via strategic IT initiatives.


Data is central to everything we do in the delivery of our services. Every ticket logged (whether by alerting or end-users), every customer transaction, every configuration item involved all add up to a big picture that cannot exist without disciplined adherence to our 'data-first' approach.

We know what is happening in your environment and ensure we record what happened, when and to what / whom.


A True Partnership

PB Tech One Partner Managed Service is a true partnership with PB Tech end to end services across your infrustructure, End-Users and 3rd parties. Underpinning delivery is PB Tech unique governance model. Metrics drive our approach to delivery and underpin our governance model in regards the contracted services we deliver.

This "PB Way" is a blueprint that has been developed from years of empirical observation in regards the delivery of managed services, how to drive excellent customer service satisfaction, minimize unproductive downtime and reduce over time. Everything we do is done with a great purpouse in mind, and we like our customers to understand what this is and how it brings security, peace of mind and constant improvement to our IT delivery.


Modular Systems

Our modular One Partner Services Schedule clearly otlines each deliverable and effectively outlines all operational activities that place in an organisation's IT environment. These are the activities that "Manage the platform that Delivers the App to your End-Users", support your end-users and your 3rd parties.

We take a flexible approach to inclusions and exclusions. Not all deliverables outlined on our services schedule may fit with your requirements. PB Tech will work with you to tailor deliverables to fit in with your requirements, including complementing any internal IT.


Our Partner Modules

Responsive Services (L1)

The PB Tech acts as the single point of contact for all incoming communications, whether via phone, email, portal or chat. Each channel is underpinned by service Level Agreement (SLA) that drives our approach to delivering consistent quality in our response. Initial troubleshooting is undertaken and a 65% First Touch Resolution is our target.

Ticket Management

All tickets are managed throughout the lifecycle in IT Service Management toolset. Ticket prioritisation, classification, next steps, statuses, all notes and resolutions are all captured throughout the ticket lifecycle. Every point is of utmost important is our philosophy in regards data capture throughout the ticket lifecycle.

Resolve Services (L2)

If level 1 is unable to resolve the ticket at first touch, the ticket is esculated to our experienced Level 2 team. We aim to have Level 2 working on the ticket within 4 hours of esculation, ensuring that each ticket progresses in a consistent and predictable manner.

Service Request Fulfilment

A service request is defined by ITIL as "A Service Request is a user request for information or advice, or for a standard change (a pre-approved change that is low risk, relatively common and follows a procedure) or for access to an IT service." Examples of a standard request is a password reset, folder mapping, provision of an application or mapping of a printer.

Service Request fulfilment typically comprises about 50% of all service tickets and PB Technologies focuses on this key end-user function with purpouse intent including automation where possible, documented procedures, a focus on security and authorisation and classification.

Incident Resolution

ITIL defines an incident as “An unplanned interruption to an IT Service or reduction in the quality of an IT service”. Incidents reduce or stop individual and organizational productivity. PB Tech follows a prescribed Incident Management process in incident resolution and critical call management for Priority 1 and Priority 2 incidents. Our methodology is designed to keep downtime to the minimum possible duration.

Problem Management

Problem Management is a foundation process for PB Tech management services and sits firmly in the centre of our Constant Service Improvement approach to service delivery. Proactive Problem Management if the process of identifying root causes to problems in your IT environment through the gathering then trending of ticketing data captured over any given period. This process is reliant on accurate data capture and is in underpinned by our philosophy that ‘every data point is vital’.

Change Management

The purpose of Change Management according to ITSM “is to ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to control IT infrastructure, in order to minimize the number and impact of any related incidents upon service.” PB Tech supports ‘steady-state’ IT environments and understands the importance of tracking every change that changes that steady state. PB Tech.

Continual Service Improvement

Continual Service Improvement (CSI) uses a metrics-driven approach to identifying opportunities for improvement and to measure the impact of improvement efforts. PB Tech takes a structured approach to CSI, utilizing trending information gathered from Proactive Problem Management, root-cause analysis from Reactive Problem Management and trending alerts via Event Management. The customer will regularly be presented with information relating to where improvements can be made, while PB Tech will continuously use this information to ‘turn the screws’ on its delivery.

Lights-on Infrastructure Maintenance and Management

PB Tech LIMMS is all about undertaking the ground work ‘under the hood’ of your infrastructure and client devices to ensure they are securely patched, firmware is up to date (where required) and key exceptions monitored for proactive remediation of potential or actual incidents. It is PB Tech job to keep the ‘lights on’ with your infrastructure and when things do break, we will be working to quickly remediate. Obviously, however, we keep the likelihood of this happening to an absolute minimum through keeping your technology up to agreed update levels, and core processes such as robust Problem and Change Management and Continual Service Improvement identifying potential points of failure.


PB Tech places a great deal of emphasis on contractual governance to ensure that our delivery to the contract is transparent and regularly formally reported upon. One Partner customers have a Service Delivery Manager (SDM) who is the key delivery contact in the engagement. The SDM ensures contractual deliverables are being met, you have a consistent sounding board and ‘eyes and ears’ in PB Tech. One Partner customers also have a Technical Delivery Manager (TDM) allocated to their account. The TDM provides governance over technology matters in the engagement. The TDM is your trusted technology advisor, approves all significant changes in the environment and stays up to date and intimate with your technology.

Managed Anti-Virus

PB Tech will ensure anti-virus on your servers and client device fleet is kept up to date. On a monthly basis, an audit will be undertaken on a percentage of client and server devices and their anti-virus signatures checked. Where a core issue is identified with your anti-virus signatures or other issues, an incident ticket will be raised and the core issue identified and resolved.

Backup and Data protection

The importance of consistent and valid backups cannot be overestimated and backups may well be the most important IT operational function there is. PB Tech back-up and Data protection services will provide you with ultimate piece of mind that your data is safe and valid. PB Tech will undertake daily backup checks of all error messages to ensure that backups have successfully occurred, and if not, raise and incident ticket and remediate. PB Tech will also undertake regular test restores to ensure backed up data can be restored as and when required.

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