PB Tech's Order to Desk service takes advantage of our ‘best-in-class’ procurement and deployment services

With ‘order to desk’, new and existing client devices, notebooks, mobiles, tablets, and scanners for your organisation are only a mouse click away. Once engaged, you are able to select any* device you like from PB Tech from any brand, range, or model and enrol them into your organisation. Have PB Tech undertake your chosen configuration requirements and ship them directly to your end-user ready to use and delivered directly to your required location within 3 business days. Whether its multiple new users, sudden new hires or just a requirement for quick turnaround when ordering devices, Order to Desk will ensure your new users are up and running as and when required.

Whether you want a clean, bloatware-free installation, or have specific standards of security and BIOS, PB Tech can undertake this at our security-cleared factory in New Zealand. We can then work with your team to ensure your chosen MDM and Modern deployment tools are well-equipped to deliver a secure and scalable solution for your business size. Gone are the days of your IT team having to choose only a specific model in a restricted and expensive market, only to then have to spend hours preparing these devices to send into the business.

Behind you are the unfortunate days of having devices with value just fall through your fingers when they are upgraded for new and even worse, being wasted in landfills when better end-of-life treatment can see them return value to your business and the environment. Engage with PB Tech now to ensure your systems and methodologies are in line with modern practice. We have an experienced nationwide team of solution architects that can take over, or simply work with your team to start your saving today.

Features include:
  • PB Tech will pick, image, and deliver your new device within 3 business days of ordering (*most models will work)
  • Whether using Microsoft Intune, SCCM, Autopilot, SOTI, Jamf or Imaging, PB Tech can assist
  • All assets are entered into PB Tech’s customer web portal, enabling straightforward support and asset management
  • Removes the labour-intensive deployment burden from internal IT staff and brings certainty to device dropping for new starters
  • PB Tech can arrange courier pickup of the returned device for certified data destruction and trade-in value against your new purchase
  • Enrolment in PB Tech’s Environmental Sustainability Program to ensure none of your old equipment gets put in a landfill or sent offshore

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