Maintaining a secure IT environment, in which maximum uptime is achieved, requires the development of a robust patch management strategy that details the who, what, how and when of patching your systems. This up-front planning will ensure that you are proactive in protecting yourselves against vulnerabilities as and when they are identified. In conjunction with our customers, PB Tech's Proactive Infrastructure Management and Maintenance services, aims to help our customers develop a Patch Management strategy that fits in with their business requirements, which is then delivered by PB Tech's managed services team allowing our customers to focus on IT to drive their business.

Further to the above, PB Tech Server Monitoring is designed to capture potential issues in your supported systems before they become business affecting incidents. PB Technologies will monitor your IT environment on a 24 x 7 basis for availability and for a number of pre-defined, documented capacity and performance related thresholds. When an exception is identified, attempted remediation can take place before business impacting performance issues or outages take place. PB Technologies monitoring system is fully integrated with our ticketing system.

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