Cyber security is one the most challenging aspects of Information Technology and also one of the most important.

An ever increasing number of threats are becoming more sophisticated and automated by the day, combined with complex and emerging technologies to mitigate, mean that navigating security issues can be a minefield for IT organizations. While a large amount of security is managed in-house, more and more IT professionals are looking externally for expertise to help navigate the myriad of cyber-security options available to help protect their businesses.

PB Tech’s expertise can help navigate this security ‘minefield’ and ensure our customers have ‘peace of mind’ that their business is safe and up to date. PB Tech offers services ranging from Security Assessments and Audits, Security Policy Development, End-user Security Awareness Training, Emergency response and remediation, Penetration Testing and Managed Security Services.

Key features:
  • Security Consulting – Security Assessments on your environment including Employee readiness, security policies
  • Penetration testing and Vulnerability assessment – looking for vulnerabilities and reporting on them
  • Managed Security Services – Firewall and Intrusion Detection monitoring and management, patch management, reporting
  • Managed Endpoint Protection – protecting your endpoints from ever increasing threats and perimeter changes
  • Compliance Monitoring – Ensuring that changes to your security environment are correctly recorded, approved and implemented.
  • Emergency Security Response – Call on PB Tech when the unthinkable happens. Our expertise will ensure that the correct response is made in the correct way.

PB Tech x Darktrace Cybersecurity virtual panel

Watch our virtual panel where PB Tech Head of Commercial Rodney Featherstone talks and Darktrace discuss how most ransomware attacks in New Zealand were perpetrated and how businesses can protect themselves from ransomware.

Watch the demo on Darktrace tools that protect your organisation and reduce your costs of security monitoring, which is often one of the first reductions businesses make - leading to the dreaded set and forget security policy.


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