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Unified Communications have changed the landscape of internal and external communications for modern businesses. Unified communication effectively merges non real time communications (email, fax, SMS) with real time communications. Unified communications means one platform to deliver multiple methods of communication channels across multiple devices, across multiple locations and even multiple organizations. UC enables organizations to utilize phone, video conferencing, instant messaging, voicemail, email, fax, customer service, and more from a single system.

PB Tech can help you achieve the following with UC:
  • No need for multiple communication platforms: One system delivers all real time and non real time communication, reducing the support overhead of managing multiple systems with the advantage of end-users understanding all communications go through the one platform
  • Reduction of wasted time: All communications can occur through one platform, including the sending of files. Communicate with multiple people in real time across multiple different channels. Reduce the overhead and lag of email communications, improve decision making times and link your project teams.
  • Better customer service: Link with you customers and suppliers in real time. Provide real time advice and answers to your customers

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