We can work with your organisation to understand your business needs, make recommendations and help manage your migration to the cloud.

We have a team with experience in enterprise Cloud servicing and has the capacity to create your Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud depending on your choice or solution. We do all the designing and planning to adopt to the best and most optimized solution for moving your data and applications to the cloud and from then onwards the users will have the flexibility of working from anywhere.

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Benefits of a Cloud Enviroment

Businesses who currently have their IT data or applications stored in a traditional on-site data infrastructure setting may be considering the benefits of migrating to a public or private cloud environment. The well-known benefits of a cloud environment over hosting on-premise include:

  • Greater IT resources on demand, enabling businesses to scale quickly
  • The reduced cost of purchasing and maintaining a traditional onsite data centre
  • Enhanced security and 24/7 technical support from the cloud service provider

There are various types of cloud migrations an enterprise can perform. The most common being the migration from a hosting on-premise data centre to the public cloud. Another type of cloud migration is cloud-to-cloud migration, which is the process of moving data and applications between cloud providers.

Cloud migration isn't as easy as some providers suggest and much can go wrong. PB Tech can work with your organisation to understand your business needs, make recommendations and help manage your migration to the cloud. Talk to an IT business specialist today by completing the contact form below.


Cloud Migration Planning

Understand Business Requirements

Many Cloud service providers offer a broad range of services to cover different business needs. The first step of your cloud migration journey should be understanding your own business IT requirements. PB Tech can work with you on this, if you need some guidance.

Importantly, you need to focus on understanding your performance needs, where your clients are located and security requirements, including how these might change over time.

You also need to compile an inventory of the physical and virtual servers in your environment. This will help identify dependencies or communication between servers so you can include all necessary application components in your cloud migration plan.

Involve Stakeholders

Migrating to the cloud can be a major change for most businesses and requires broad organizational support. As part of your migration plan you need to identify and reach out to all stakeholders. This should include IT managers, CEO's, business owners, board members, etc. Getting everyone’s engagement and support will lead to a smoother, faster cloud migration process.

Calculate the Costs

With any business decision, it is important to calculate the return of investment (ROI). Migrating to the cloud is no exception. As part of your migration plan you should have evaluated the potential cost of the migration and the future savings to be made of migrating to the cloud. The largest cost will likely be the hours spent either by in house staff or the hiring of contractors to help with the migration, including staff re-training.

Mitigate Risk

Sometimes businesses discover that their applications don't work as well in the cloud as they did when hosting on-premise. This could be caused by latency, security issues or perhaps compliance challenges. The reality is that not all applications are a good fit for the cloud. That's why it is important for managers to scrutinise their on-premises applications and environment carefully. Having a cloud exit strategy should be a part of your cloud migration plan.

A PB Tech business IT specialist can work with your business on its cloud migration plan and cloud application optimisation to help mitigate those expensive and time consuming problems that may arise during migration. Contact us today using the form below.

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