Microsoft Sharepoint deserves its reputation as a business ‘force multiplier’

As with any enterprise level software, success or otherwise in implementation depends heavily on understanding what your organization wants to achieve and how SharePoint can help you achieve it. It is literally ‘all in the planning’.

Nowadays both small and large organizations are interested in SharePoint as it can be used to increase the efficiency of business processes and improve team productivity. It effectively connects people and information. Hence, it has gain the reputation as the ‘best in class’ tool to achieve all of the above and many more.

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Does your organisation:
  • Want to improve information sharing both internally with your staff and externally with your customers?
  • Want an effective intranet that your employees actually use?
  • Want to provide a consistent user experience across all the devices used in your organization?
  • Already Office 365 customer?
  • Looking to improve collaboration in your organization?
  • Thought about implementing Sharepoint in your business (in some way!)

Competencies of our PB Tech team:

  • We have 30+ certified Development team: Our team is large, qualified and well experienced with SharePoint. We are equipped with experts to give you one on one attention and provide the exemplary service you deserve.
  • Local Presence of BA, first level development and support: When a platform like SharePoint is essentially critical to the success of your business, it is imperative that you choose a locally available team who can provide you with the support and advice you need at the right time.
  • Development team with Global Experience: We are a diverse team with international experiences and we keep ourselves up-to-date with global advancement of technology. We have an in-depth knowledge about how SharePoint is used around the world and how successful it has been over the years.
  • 24 X 7 support: We have been working with SharePoint for a very long time, we know all possible drawbacks and relevant ways out however complex the issue is and we would attend it promptly. Furthermore our experts will find the root cause of the issue to prevent possible recurrences and major impact on a solution’s fitness.
  • Clear project plan with millstones and deliverables: We will be assigning you with one of our dedicated project managers who will talk you through every step of the project. They will carefully listen to your business needs and begin to build a clear picture of the challenges that you face and your end goals. Furthermore, we will be continuously providing you with advice based on our experience of developing and rolling out projects.
  • Cost effective and competitive: We understand our clients, we are dedicated to provide the best service at a most affordable cost in this very competitive market. We are looking forward to help you to thrive your business.
  • Complete visibility of the project: All of the project layouts will be presented and you will be fully informed about each step, you will be briefed on all the stages from our discovery, on-boarding, development and post-deployment stages and the services we can offer to support your journey. Our teams will also focus on identifying and mitigating any risks which can hinder your project, such as time delays.
  • Hassle free for the customer: PB Tech Project Manager will be manage the complete project. Your final project will be delivered to your hand, all while you carry out your normal days’ work. No time wasted unnecessarily.
  • Basic training: We will be providing you with ongoing training services which can be conducted onsite or via video conferencing/Skype for business.

Where do you start?

Let PB Tech’s experts help you unravel the power of SharePoint and decide whether it is the tool that is right for your organization. PB Tech can help with the following:

  • Consultation

    Want to understand SharePoint and whether it is right for your requirements? Let PB Tech discuss your requirements with you and help you decide on whether it is the right tool for your organisation. We will help you to ‘pick your battles’ with your implementation, look for some easy wins and decide on the best path forward.

  • Planning and Design

    SharePoint is a powerful tool, however, its complexities mean that best intentions have often led to less than ‘business driving’ results. Let PB Tech take you through the planning phrase of your SharePoint implementation, helping you understand how the tool ‘hangs together’ (i.e. site structure, permissions. Metadata versus folder structure etc), ensuring that you make the right decisions up front in regards how you structure your SharePoint for maximum long term business value.

  • SharePoint Migration and Implementation

    Now you are ready to go and you have made the decision to implement SharePoint, let PB Tech help you implement your SharePoint structure and migrate the information you require with as little disruption to your business as possible. SharePoint migration is a significant undertaking and both user uptake and the business value derived from your implementation will depend significantly on critical success factors achieved during this stage.

  • Ongoing Development and Management

    Most organizations do not maintain SharePoint expertise in-house and one thing that is certain is that your business requirements with SharePoint will change over time, there will be new ways that you can derive value or changes will be need to be made in a controlled manner. Let PB Tech help you with the ongoing development and management of SharePoint to ensure that your Sharepoint implementation continues to evolves with your changing business requirements.

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