Best of the HP Z Workstation range in 2023

September 18th, 2019 - Last updated: September 28th, 2023: 00:00

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If your organisation needs a machine that can deliver the power, performance, and reliability your staff needs to take on the most demanding tasks, HP has you covered with the ZBook range.

The ZBook range is HP's most powerful and secure mobile workstation range, designed for technical and creative professionals. Power up your team's productivity using HP ZBooks - suited for CAD, 3D concepting, modelling, and rendering.

Allow your team to work confidently, knowing they can truly rely on their device. The ZBook range has undergone numerous MIL-STD durability standard tests and up to 360,000 hours of heavy workloads, ensuring your team can power through to anything.

HP offers a diverse ZBook range, so choosing which device best suits your team can become challenging. Although the HP ZBook range has a lot in common, from sleek aluminium chassis and blazing fast SSDs to impressive security features, some models are designed to work best for a particular industry.

To make your job easier, our team has selected the top HP ZBook for each industry vertical.


Best for Creative Professionals: HP ZBook Power

Creative professionals are still using underperforming machines that can't meet the rigorous demands of their workflow and software.

Many creative teams usually don't have huge device budgets, especially for creators who need machines that allow them to work quickly and push out quality content.

The HP ZBook Power G9 series offers creative professionals everything they need in a device.

This 16-inch ultra-slim laptop is ideal for photographers and content creators. The ZBook Power G9 only weighs 1.9kgs, which is perfect for creatives who need to create and shoot at multiple locations and are constantly on the go. Transfer data from cameras with the built-in memory card readers. The 39.6cm diagonal display offers more space than a 13” screen for creative workflows.

With the latest 12th Generation Intel Core processors, 16GB RAM (upgradeable to 64GB), and a 256GB SSD (upgradable to 8TB), the HP ZBook Power G9 offers plenty of power to run the most demanding creative software applications.

Take your team's media creativity to the next level using a certified graphics card, allowing them to design, edit, render, and create anything. Let them use applications like After Effects or Avid with confidence, knowing they don't need to worry about their devices struggling.

Best for Architects, CAD designers, and Engineers: HP ZBook Fury

Architects and engineers need devices designed for complex datasets and dispersed teams, allowing them to power through tight deadlines.

HP ZBook Fury G9 model delivers the innovation, high performance, expandability, and extreme reliability your team needs to complete BIM (Building Information Modelling) and CAD projects on time. The ZBook range is certified for a range of professional BIM and CAD software applications and is designed for easy tool-free maintenance and upgrades.

At the same time, let your team collaborate easily on the most intense projects wherever they are located. With AI enhanced auto-framing camera, noise-cancelling microphones to block unnecessary noises, and the next-gen Wi-Fi 6E or 5G network connectivity, give your team the machine they need for hybrid working and collaboration.

With a 12th Generation Intel Core processor, 16GB RAM (upgradeable to 128GB), and a 256GB SSD (upgradeable to 12TB), the 15.6-inch HP ZBook Power G9 is the ultimate benchmark for technical professionals. The NVIDIA® RTX® graphics and pro software certification will give your workforce the ability to render, design, simulate and analyse with complete confidence.

All the features mentioned above are packaged in a nearly borderless screen with long-lasting battery life up to 15 hours and a lightweight, scratch-resistant frame.

Best for Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and 3D rendering: HP ZBook Studio

Packed with professional performance in an incredibly sleek PC that comfortably fits in your bag, the ZBook Studio is engineered to get you in the zone and help you stay focused. Now you can build complex assemblies, render in real-time or visualise data—from anywhere.

With 400 nits of brightness and richer depth of colour, your team can work through any project in complete pro-graphics and full-colour accuracy. Give your team confidence in what they see on their screen with HP's DreamColor Display which has a 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut and a 120Hz refresh rate, giving them smooth motion for high-speed content.

The HP ZBook Studio G9 is highly customisable to your team's workflows, featuring 12th Generation Intel Core processors, 32GB RAM (upgradeable to 64GB), and a 512GB SSD (upgradeable to 4TB). Create custom key maps with Z Light Space software to speed workflows up even more.


Best for Lawyers, Accountants, and Programmers: HP ZBook Firefly

Some professions require power, portability, and one more thing – security. For lawyers, accountants, and programmers, HP ZBook Firefly G9 provides true mobility for people who push the typical business PC past their breaking point.

Say goodbye to lags and crashes with the latest ZBook Firefly G9. In the office or in the field, the ZBook Firefly G9 comes with pro-level performance and a beautiful bright display which is everything your team needs to review work and manage projects from anywhere.

The HP ZBook Firefly is available in a 14-inch or 16-inch screen to suit your team’s workflow and portability requirements. With processors available up to Intel Core i7, memory starting from 16GB and upgradeable to 64GB, and SSDs ranging from 256GB to 2TB, this workstation can be configured entirely to meet the needs of your team.

Work all day, anywhere. With up to 13 hours of battery life, the HP ZBook Firefly can help your team stay connected wherever they go.  Stay in focus on video calls with HP Auto Frame, which keeps you in focus as you move around within the camera’s frame.

Create large PowerPoint presentations, mine data from Excel pivot tables, and open hi-res files simultaneously without annoying loading times or freezing your workstation. 

Best HP Z Desktop Workstations: HP Z2


The HP Z2 Tower G9 is the world’s most powerful entry-level workstation that delivers server-grade power on a desktop with impressive expandability. Cut through complex BIM, rendering and visualisation projects with ultra 3D pro graphics and the latest Intel Core processors.

Let your team experience a new level of performance. The Z2 Tower G9 seamlessly runs multi-threaded applications for fast rendering, simulation, and real-time ray tracing. Whether your team uses the HP Z2 for architecture, developing products or other graphic designing, this workstation delivers exceptional performance for the most demanding workflows.

Bring ideas to life quickly and run multiple software simultaneously with the latest Intel 13th Gen processors, now with support for EEC memory for optimum data integrity and reliability.

Run resource-hungry applications with 16GB RAM (upgradeable to 128GB). At the same time, access massive amounts of data on the fly with 4 storage bays. The HP Z2 offers plenty of power to seamlessly run demanding programs with more than enough storage to keep all your projects secure.

With up to NVIDIA RTX A5000 or AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics available, architects can efficiently operate BIM, 3D CAD design, manipulate 3D shapes and render near-photorealistic models in real-time.

Product developers can benefit from efficiently managing 3D modelling design cycles with full, unthrottled performance and benefit from advanced rendering capabilities for quicker design visualisation.

Picking up this workstation is an excellent investment for businesses as this highly expandable PC is built to last for years with the ability to swap graphic cards, increase CPU power or add specialised PCIe cards.

Alternatively, you can get all the power of a full-size Z2 tower at a fraction of the size. Re-engineered to fit full-height and full-length graphics, the HP Z2 Mini delivers higher performance for your team's most intensive workflows while leaving room for future upgrades and expansions.

The Z2’s entry-level alternative is the HP Z1, which delivers the power needed for designing, editing, and rendering at a slightly lower price point.

Ready to equip your team with the pro-level performance and reliability of HP ZBook devices?

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