Why Device-as-a-Service is the best device management option for New Zealand's modern business

February 10th, 2020 - Last updated: June 18th, 2020: 00:00

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For business owners constrained by resources, keeping your technology and device fleet up to date can be a source of ongoing stress.

Technology is crucial for the execution of daily tasks, but when it fails, business-critical functions break down, costing you precious sales and customer trust.

Regardless of the size of your IT team, device procurement and lifecycle management is an unpredictable ongoing expense that continuously results in clashes with your finance team.

A better way

If only there was a way to outsource hardware replacement and management to a service provider who knows what the latest and greatest technology for your business case is.

Thus, the Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) managed service was born.

At its most basic level, DaaS shifts the burden of device lifecycle management from the technology department to the DaaS provider. The service can be tweaked to suit the needs of organisations with different levels of technology maturity.

Customers can choose different service tiers starting from hardware management to a fully managed service where a provider employs predictive analytics to monitor devices for security, policy compliance and potential hardware failures.

DaaS is revolutionising how organisations manage their technology spend and procurement, and delivers value no matter the size of the organisation.

SMBs – Outsource the cost of technology maintenance

One of the most convincing reasons for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to adopt a DaaS approach is to make the cost of device ownership and management more predictable. With the plan being calculated on a monthly device cost, SMBs are able to shift their tech spending from being a large one-off capital expenditure to a more manageable recurring operating expenditure. This allows them to focus their capital on activities that will grow the business while avoiding unpredictable spikes from device breakdowns and repairs.

The technology sector also currently has some of the worst skill shortages – labour is scarce and maintaining an in-house IT team is expensive. DaaS allows SMBs to outsource their IT needs and avoid this cost entirely.

SMBs have limited resources and tend to focus on the urgent mission-critical functions, but are hit the hardest in the event of security breaches or compliance oversights. DaaS takes care of this with an endpoint management service and secure device destruction once the tools are no longer in use.

PB Tech’s Tier Two DaaS offering includes full endpoint management, utilisation and inventory analysis, and ticket management on top of the basic Device-as-a-Service features offered in Tier One.

All tiers also include enrolment in our Environmental Sustainability Programme so you know your devices are being disposed of safely as part of our commitment to helping create a carbon-free future.

Enterprises – Give your team flexibility and reliability

Large organisations traditionally find themselves having more inertia the bigger they grow, and DaaS brings flexibility back to their technology stack. The subscription service nature of DaaS means enterprises can quickly and easily scale their device fleet up or down according to their needs, whether you're a fast-growing business hiring more employees or relocating in response to external political or economical factors.

Device analysis and reporting guarantees reliability and decreases downtime, thereby increasing the productivity and satisfaction of your biggest asset – your staff.

Finally, on the big picture scale, using a DaaS service frees up your internal IT team from day-to-day operational concerns and allows them to focus on technology applications that will add discernible value to your business, such as big data and artificial intelligence applications.

PB Tech’s Tier Three DaaS offering covers Level One and Level Two remote support for end-users and devices, giving your staff all the advantages of the flexibility expected of a modern enterprise.

Dare to DaaS

PB Tech has a long-standing reputation of expert knowledge coupled with reliable service.

Our DaaS offerings cater to organisations of all sizes and we’re always open to hearing what your business needs so we can come up with a solution that works for you.

Talk to our business specialists today about what DaaS can do for your organisation.

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