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May 3rd, 2021

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As working from home becomes more normalised in the wake of Covid-19, businesses need a reliable method of granting employee’s remote access to their sensitive data.

Network-attached storage (NAS) units can keep employees working at home safely and with minimal security risk if configured correctly so employers can have peace of mind that the business’ data is being kept secure while giving employees access to the information they need to do their job remotely.

They’re also useful for secure remote collaboration with distributed teams and storing archival data such as video camera footage and transaction data.

ASUSTOR has been a key player in private cloud storage (network-attached storage) and video surveillance (network video recorder) markets and can develop and integrate related firmware, hardware, and applications.

ASUSTOR’s Lockerstor NAS series is well-equipped to meet the needs of businesses and content creators, packed with next-generation storage features.

Ransomware protection

Lockerstor NAS units provide multiple forms of automatic protection, including but not limited to Btrfs snapshots in Snapshot Center, which provides efficient snapshots and easy restorations from ransomware attacks to ensure data integrity.

Configure access controls like updating and replacing default administrator accounts, blacklisting accounts or users that have suspicious activities, and disable access to SSH and Terminal services.

Additionally, custom ports can be set to decrease the chances of attempted ransomware attacks.

With Lockerstor, offline backups, such as MyArchive with AES 256 bit encryption also keep data secure.

More points of recovery with more snapshots

Snapshot Center is a new app that makes it easier to manage, schedule, create and restore snapshots.

Schedules can be set to create snapshots or be manually created at any time.

Snapshots also make it incredibly easy to restore previous versions of files and can be integrated with existing iSCSI LUNs in Snapshot Center with all volume snapshots at a glance for easy browsing and restoration.

DataSync Center

DataSync Center combines multiple cloud services into a single app.

DataSync Center includes, but is not limited to Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive and supports multitasking as well as multiple accounts. Schedule syncs in if your business would prefer to sync at specific intervals instead of constantly syncing in the background.

Control your data with instant and scheduled backups as well as using Cloud Backup Center to create a hybrid cloud that keeps your data online and offline, keeping your data protected.


Through the built-in EZ Sync Manager of ADM 3.2 and ASUSTOR EZ Sync for computer, device data can be synchronised to the NAS at any time from anywhere.

With EZ Sync Manager and AES, your NAS will be your personal cloud storage with ample capacity at your fingertip with timed versions.

If a file is accidentally overwritten with the wrong information, it can be restored using a previously saved backup copy.

The all-new UI makes EZ Sync simpler and easier to operate so you can view all the information on your NAS quickly; and settings that now offer detailed folder lists.

Two-step verification with EZ Sync now offers an added layer of security.

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